Amber Nation has crafted a stunning debut album, a collection of 10 original alternative/pop songs by the foursome out of Redding, CA. Silver Screen delivers on many levels, from soaring vocal melodies and dreamy synth landscapes, to creative/insightful musicality and lyrics that pull the listener into a familiar yet ethereal experience.  
Each track is intentionally spacious yet layered with intriguing sonic choices and harmonies that elevate the lead vocal to the forefront of the record. While the album is polished and laser-focused on Silver Screen, Daydream Away, & In The Moment, the band offers several more raw tracks with edgy tones on the band’s first single Locked in Surrender and the producer favorite, Just When I Thought.  
The Silver Screen cover captures the awe and magic of what it looks like to face the future of who you want to become, something bigger than yourself. The lyric “the beautiful unseen, dances in between, what we seem to be and what we cannot see” typifies the way the band embraces the mystery of life, love and faith through their music. Amber Nation's new record inspires listeners to dream. 

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